Available countries for order on the website

Artworks can be sent worldwide. If you do not find your country in our list while you procede the checkout or if you have any question about delivery, please contact us at contact@artkoregallery.com.



When you order artwork from ArtKore, it will be packed professionally either by the packing and shipping agency specialised in artwork or by the artist who have a lot of experience with selling art internationally. The artist is in charge of packing and ArtKore helps and provide important information.


Shipping and delivery

The artist is in charge of shipping. Therefore, the sender will be the artist. ArtKore helps facilitate the procedures of international shipping and providing information to the artist and the buyer.


Order Tracking

Tracking number will be sent to buyer via email once the artwork is sent.

The buyer in the UK will be able to track the order directly by using the tracking number provided. For residents in other countries, the information will be provided when you place an order.


Shipping Fee and Pay Duty

We are offering free shipping service. However, depending on the country, you might have to pay custom tax, VAT and customs clearance fee. Check the chart below of this paragraph.

For the case of the UK, the customs tax is 0%, VAT is 5% and there is no customs clearance fee.

Every country has different conditions, so please check the condition with your customs or consult us first before placing an order.

Country Custom Tax VAT Custom Clearance Fee note
UK 0% 5% 0 Contact, phone number, email detail of recipient required

The way of customs clearance varies depending on the countries. So, please contact us first if you have any question before placing an order.

For the case of the UK, when your order arrives at the UK customs, you will receive a letter from the customs and you will have to make a payment of the VAT which is 5% of the CIF Value (Cost+Insurance+Freight) on online by following the guidance on the letter. As soon as you make a payment on online, the artwork will be delivered to your doorstep.


Average delivery time

Average delivery time is 7-10 days. However, depending on the circumstance and country, it might take shorter or longer. You can track your order from the point when the artwork is shipped.


Delayed delivery

If you haven’t received the artwork you purchased after 14 days since you have received the confirmation of order, please contact us via e-mail at contact@artkoregallery.com.


If you miss the delivery?

Be aware of missing the delivery. If you miss the delivery, you need to go to the designated office to collect it as soon as possible. In some countries, after passing certain days, the storage fee might be charged and you are responsible for paying it.