Yoon-Suk Koh

Yoon-Suk Koh

Yoon-Suk Koh

Biography of Yoon-Suk Koh:


DongMukHun Calligraphy Society Member

Yeol Lim Caligraphy Society Member



B.F.A in Western Painting, College of Fine Arts, Ewha Womans University, Seoul, Korea

Graduated from Sunwha Arts High School, Seoul, Korea

-DongMukHun Calligraphy Society Member/-Yeol Lim Calligraphy Society Member


[Solo Exhibition]
7th 2017. 03.01-03.14. Gallery SpaceSun+ (Seoul)
6th 2016. 10.07-10.16. Gallery Hanok (Seoul)
5th 2015. 10.21-10.27. Gallery M (Seoul)
4th 2014. 10.03-10.11. Gallery Hanok (Seoul)
3rd 2014. 03.05-03.10. Gana Art Space (Seoul)
2nd 2006. 11.01-11.07. Gallery TOPOHAUS (Seoul)
1st 2004. 10.20-10.26. Kyung-In Art Gallery (Seoul)

[Group Exhibition]
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 SHA-SHA, Sunhwa Arts Highschool Alumni Exhibition
2014, 2016 Ewha Womans University Western Painting Alumni Exhibition
2014, 2016 TAIWAN & KOREA ART Exchange Exhibition
2014, 2016 YeolLim Calligraphy Society Member Exhibition
2008 Seoul Contemporary Art
2007 ArtExpo Malaysia Matrade Exhibition & Convention Center (MECC)