Yeo-Joo Nam

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Yeo-Joo Nam

Biography of Yeo-Joo Nam:

Yeo-Joo Nam’s representation of natural elements seem to instill in the viewer a sudden sense of tranquility. Her technique creates images that are constantly modified by the effect of the light on the paintings themselves and the viewpoint of the observer, thus perfectly rendering the effect of ever-changing reflections, transparencies and movement of water. The colours and composition are so perfectly planned that one cannot but wonder whether they were created by human intellect or nature’s own wisdom. Observing her works, indeed, one can experience a beautiful sensation of constant flow, a characteristic inherent to the element of water itself, which the artist so masterfully captures. This flowing yet calming effect allows the viewer not only to indulge in a moment of hedonistic pleasure but also to reflect upon the harmony found in the complexity of nature and the cosmos.


Public Collection

National Museum of Contemporary Art (Art Bank, Gwachon)  /  Seoul Museum of Art

Gwangju Museum of Art / Krim Gallery (Changwon)

Y&S(HK) International Trading CO., Limited / International Arts kindergarten (Changwon)



2014      MANIF International Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center) : Prize for Excellence artists

1996      Joong-Ang Biennial (Seoul Metropolitan Museum)

1994 / 1992 / 1989      Grand Arts Exhibition of Korea (National Museum of Modern Arts) -Prize for Excellence/Superiority

1993 / 1992 / 1991       MBC Grand Arts Exhibition (Seoul Arts Center) – Prize for Encouragement

1992      Arts World’s Open Exhibition (Kyungin Gallery) : Prize for Superiority

1991      Grand Exhibition of Modern Arts(Design Center) : Prize for Excellence

1990     New Grand Arts Exhibition(Design Center) : Grand Prize


Ewha Women’s University (B.F.A., M.F.A.)


[Solo Exhibition]
2016 Asan Medical Center Gallery
2015 Jeonbuk Museum of Art Seoul Gallery (6th Fl, Gana Insa Art Center)
2015 Gallery H Invitation Exhibition (Seoul)
2015~2009 MANIF (Seoul Arts Center)
2014 Krim Gallery (Changwon)
2012 Regina Gallery(Yongin)
2012 Leehaus Gallery(Yongin)
2011 Umoha Gallery (Yong In)
2007 Korean Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center)
2006 Korean Contemporary Art Festival (Seoul Arts Center)
2005 Guangzhou Art Fair, Guangzhou, China
2005 Shanghai Art Fair, Shanghai, China
2004 MANIF 10! 04 (Seoul Arts Center)
2003 Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2003 Oscar Roman Gallery, Mexico City, Mexico
2002 Osaka Contemporary Art Center, Osaka, Japan
2002 Kobayashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
2001 Keumsan Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1995 Moin Gallery, Seoul, Korea
1993 Dansung Gallery, Seoul, Korea

[Group Exhibition]
2015 Happy New Art Exhibition (Gallery Violet)
2015 Korea & China Art Exhibition (Qingdao Museum of Art, China)
2015 Christmas Accessories Exhibition (Pavillon Gallery)
2015 115 Painters Festival in Insadong
2015 2th Yangjae River Art Festival (Atree Gallery)
2015 Seoul Affordable (Dongdaemoon DDP)
2015 Changwon Artist Exhibition (Sungsan Art Hall)
2015 Woolsan Art Fair (Woolsan KBS Hall)
2015 Transition senses (Hovan Gallery)
2015 2015 Dong Jin Flag Art Festival
2015 Kyungnam International Art Fair (Changwon Convention Center)
2015 I Love Art (Gallery Violet)
2015 Trends of Modern Art Exhibition (Incheon Culture & Arts Center)
2015 Art & Life Show (Yangjae AT Center))
2015 Soaf (Coex)
2015 Incheon Art Festival (Gallery GO)
2015 Chaerim Exhibition – Coloring Group (KEPCO Art Center)
2014 “Effloresce” – Krim Gallery Opening Exhibition (Krim Gallery )
2014 K Fine Art Gallery Opening Invitation (K Fine Art Gallery )
2014 Stream Exhibition of Incheon Contemporary Art (Incheon Culture & Arts Center)
2014 Contemporary Art Fair (Hundai Hotel, Woolsan)
2014 W Woman Artist Invitation Exhibition (W Gallery, Iksan)
2014 28Th Asian International Art Exhibition (Kinmen Cultural Park Historical Folk Museum, Taiwan)
2014 Korean Fashionism Art (Gallery Gaia)
2013 Art Expo Malaysia (Matrade Exhibition & Convention Centre, Kualalumpur)
2013 Art Gwangju 13 (Kim Daejong Convention Center)
2012 Nam, Yeo-Joo. Choi, Soon-Min Exhibition (Damian Gallery)
2012 Hong Kong Hotel Artfair
2011 The 26th ASIAN International Art Exhibition
2011 Asian International Art Exhibition (Jeonbuk Museum of Art)
2010 Star & Blue Artist Hotel Art Fair (Seoul. Hilton Hotel)
2009 Next Generation (Seoul, Gallery Luminarie)
2004 China International Gallery Exposition 2004 (Beijing, China)
2003 Shanghai Art Fair (Shanghai Mart Hall, Shanghai, China)
2003 Seoul Art Fair (Seoul Arts Center)
2003 Deagoo Art Expo ’03 (Daegoo Convention Center)
1990~2015 Above 160 times