Sang-Hee Koo

구상희인물사진 korean artist Sang-Hee Koo

Sang-Hee Koo

Biography of Sang-Hee Koo:

She has been working with reflector mirrors. Reflector mirrors are meant to portray the ambiguousness of modern times. Reflector mirrors reflects the world that we are in but in a distorted view. Distorted truth is extended and connected, endlessly, into the world of the mirror. We can see the potential of another world, by examining our distorted selves and the distorted truth that is reflected in the mirror.

“Through digital monitors, we find distorted pieces of cities; surveillance camera, a black box in the car, etc. A city can be reconstructed with the videos that are being recorded, where we are always being watched; we are always locked up in a cage of cameras. After a certain point, we kept monitoring the entire city with images and videos. However, two-way, interactive monitoring would become a communication. Vertical relationships would be horizontal, and suppression would be communication. And in the end, we will find hope.” -Sang-Hee Koo


Public Collections

National Museum of Modern Art




The 10th, Dosol Fine Arts Grand Contest, Grand Prize

The 10th, Ansan International Art Fair, Artnow Prize

The 7th, Korea Eroticism Fine Arts Grand Contest, Excellent Prize

The 9th, Korean Artist Prize




Member of Korea Fine Arts Association



Studying in Graduate School of Fine Arts, Hongik University




[Solo Exhibition]
2016 BIAF Busan International Art Fair (BEXCO)
2014 BLANC BLEU HOTEL ART FAIR (Grand Ambassador Seoul)
2012~2014 AIAF Ansan International Art Fair (Ansan Arts Center)
2012 Gallery LAMER (Seoul)

[Group & Invited Exhibition]
2017 Busan Annual Marker of Art (Bexco, Busan)
2017 Singapore Affordable Art Fair (Singapore)
2017 A Beautiful Art Exhibition (Hangzhou, China)
2017 ARTKOREA LONDON (Melia White House, UK)
2016 Future of Art (Jungsan, China)
2016 Daegu Art Fair (EXCO, Daegu)
2016 Korean Major 25 Persons Invitation Exhibition
-Opening Celebration of Seojung Art Center (Seoul)
2016 GIAF Kyeongnam International Art Fair, Artnow P&G Invitation Exhibition
(Changwon Convention Center), etc.