Ik-Ryeol Lee


Ik-Ryeol Lee

Biography of Ik-Ryeol Lee:

“The car is such a personal space, and it satisfies developing some emotional and intellectual to show vision and dream” – Ik-Ryeol Lee
A car-racer as well as a painter, Ik-Ryeol Lee takes inspiration from his passion for car racing sports to produce extremely dynamic and visually stunning paintings. Being also a landscape artist, in his practice he also imagines utopian worlds, perhaps drawing from in interest in science fiction. His work, however, is more profound than the mere subjects of his paintings. He transcends the simple reproduction of subjects of interest to him, creating instead a visual reflection upon the themes of human emotional experience, and, as pointed out by art critic Sung Ho Kim, people’s relationship with machines and their involvement with capitalism and the social constructs derived from it.



Present Member Of Original Painting Association
Member Of Contemporary Watercolor Association
Member Of Walking People
Member Of Young Artist Association, Agent Orange
1996~ A Director of Private Educational Institute named Hoam Art Institute
1996~ The Manager Of Gangnam Branch Office In Association Of Educational Art


Motor-Racing Career
1995 Win in National Auto Racing
1994 2nd Win in National Auto Racing
1993 3rd Win in National Auto Racing


1986 Graduated from Hongik University, College Of Fine Art, Majoring In Painting (B.F.A)


[Solo Exhibitions]
2016 Feb System of Capitalism, Seoul
2015 Oct Blue Planet – drawings, Seoul
2015 Jul Blue Planet, Seoul
2015 Personality vs Sociality, Seoul
2014 Memories of Systems, Seoul
2013 Cityscapes SEOUL, Seoul
2013 Cityscapes NEW YORK, Seoul
2011 Racing in Art, Miami
2009 Pray for bad weather, Seoul
2009 Like peanut butter to the roof of your mouth, Seoul
1987~ 2009 Four times Solo Exhibition

[Group exhibitions]
200 times, worldwide