Hae-Keung Park

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Hae-Keung Park

Biography of Hae-Keung Park:

“What in the world will hardly change at all? Even if it doesn’t change itself, the time and space surrounding it might become different. Like this, not only all creatures but also things and phenomena do not seem to remain unchanged. Though each one continues to move for living, when seen from a distance, the whole one often looks like a big block of something formed. With time, the shape of the block will be altered as well. ”

“On traveling I have dreamed of or during daily life, the usual big flows made from the collections of similar ones have caught my eyes at some moments. They include grasses lying on the wind, flocks of animals moving forward, schools of fish moving forward, crowds moving toward the same goal, and the directional movements of each galaxy in the universe. Among them, the migration of schools of fish was particularly meaningful for me. ”

“Reconstructing the migration into the beauty of formative aesthetics, extending in and out of the canvas and expressing imagination, I am immersed in the work under the delusion that I am creating a new world, which makes me feel joyful. As I prioritize various forms of the beauty generated by assembled details of movement, the canvas ends up being composed by the same hues but different brightness. The patterns are repeated in the same way and change little by little, thereby resulting in an optical and modern form.”

-Hae-Keung Park



Fine Artist, Member of The Korean Fine Arts Association

Member of The Songpa Fine Arts Association

Member of The Seoul Academy Fine Arts Association


B.A in Fine Arts Education, Seoul National University of Education, Korea

M.A in Fine Arts Education, Hongik University, Korea


[Solo Exhibitions]
16th times
2017 ‘Life- Where to?’ OMS Gallery(New York), CLU Gallery(L.A, USA )
2016 ‘Life’: Olmi Gallery (Seoul),
‘Time Trable’: SIA NY Gallery (Chelsea, New York, USA),
‘Life’, Art Space Qualia (Seoul)
2014 ‘Memories’: Salon-L’art Contemporain Accesible (Paris, France),
Fan Gallery (Seoul)
2013 ‘Memories’: Daegu KBS Broadcasting Center 1st Exhibition Hall
2010 ‘Memories’: OS Gallery (Ginga, Tokyo, Japan), Lee Hyung Art Center (Seoul), Shin Sang Gallery (Seoul), Seoul Gallery(Seoul)
2008 ‘Memories’: Kyung-In Museum of Fine Art
2006 ‘Memories’: Seoul Arts Center, Hangaram Art Museum

[Art Fairs]
2017 Artkorea London (London), Cheaisea Artfair(London), Asia Contemporary Art Show(Hongkong)
2016 Swiss Art Basel Scope( Swiss Basel), Miami scope Art Fair
(Miami USA), Affordable Art Fair Seoul(Seoul, DDP ), Healing Art Fair(COEX, Seoul)
2015, Miami River Art Fair (Miami Convention Center), Art Hamtons (New York, USA), LA Art Show( LA Convention Center ),
Busan International Art Fair BEXCO, Busan )
2013, 2010, SOAF, Seoul Open Art Fair (COEX, Seoul)
2009, Sanhai Arts Festival(Shanghai Municipal Sculpture Museum, China), ARTO (Busan)

[Group Exhibitions]
180th times