Eun-Ha Kim


Eun-Ha Kim

Biography of Eun-Ha Kim:

“I fly the lines with a brush and shout with beating the rhythm of Nong-Ak.” – Eun-Ha Kim

Eun-Ha Kim’s work visually explores the sound and movement of Nong-Ak, a traditional Korean dance originally performed by farmers to relieve themselves from the hardship of work and to ensure peace for the village through prayer, an essential element of Korean heritage and a way for people to express joy and appreciation.

The painting style also has Korean characteristics. She utilizes sand, linen, cotton and Korean paper in her elaborate renditions of the enthusiastic dance movements. However, as the art critic Jong-Chul Park writes, she also borrows elements from Abstract Expressionism, infusing her images with dynamism and energy. Sprinkles and drops on the canvas hint to Action Painting.


  • Member of Korean Fine Art Association (Seongnam)
  • Member of Korean Artist Society of Canada Association
  • Member of Toronto Artists Association
  • Member of World Korean Women’s Art association/ Operating committee



University College London, Slade Art School (HDFA) England

University of East London (BFA) England


[Solo Exhibition]
2015 Kim Eunha Solo Show, Susan Eley Art (New York)
2013 Kim Eunha solo Exhibition, Gana Art Space (Korea)

[Group Exhibition]
2016 5 People Show “I’m” (Canada)
Group Show, ”Korean Wunderkammer” (Milano, Italy)
2015 Affordable Art Fair Spring New York City (NY)
HFAF Houston Art Fair (Houston)
5 People Show “I’m” Cedar Ridge Gallery (Canada)
Group Show, “Korean Wunderkammer” (Milano, Italy)
2014 HFAF Houston Fine art Fair (Houston)
The 13TH GoYang international Art Fair (Korea)
Korea- Canada Preview Art Fair (Canada)
Affordable ART Fair, New York City (New York)
2013 Canada- Korea Fine Art Festival Art Fair (Canada)
Exhibition Celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Korea- Canada Diplomatic Relation (Canada)
The Exhibition of Korea Fine Art Association in Seongnam Art (Korea)
2011 – 2016 KASC Annual Exhibitions (Canada)/ SUNHWAIN, SHA-SHA Exhibitions (Korea)
1993 Joongang Fine Art Prize, Hoam Art hall, (Korea)
1989 – 1992 Group Exhibitions in London (England)