ArtKore Ltd is a London based online art gallery presenting authentic Korean art by talented Korean artists worldwide. ArtKore selects exclusive and unique artworks directly from the artist's studios in Korea to showcase characterful and quality artworks to Art lovers, collectors, investors and companies worldwide.


Through ArtKore online platform, everyone can purchase in a safe and simple way original and authentic artworks which are usually difficult to find in any other places in Europe. ArtKore is certainly one of the best place to have a look at if you want to decorate your home, embellish your room or beautify your office to the better standard with special quality arts from Korea, or if you are a true investor and also believe that Korean Art is stepping into the spotlight more than any other country. A full array of explanations and advice will be given to our customers depending on the purpose of their purchase. ArtKore provides art authentication for all the artworks it presents and guarantees that all transactions and purchases procedures to be transparent with safe and prompt delivery.


ArtKore participates main art fairs and also has the objective to organise offline pop-up exhibitions and hold exhibitions with all type of Art galleries in London to showcase contemporary Arts in a more friendly and state-of-the-art way. Thus getting closer to our expanding audience and customer base. We do not want to limit our boundaries only to online. We are seeking to gather all the advantages it may have to be online as well as offline in the most creative way.


To reduce
the geographical distance between Korean and European Art market
To discover
the new emerging artists
To provide
opportunities for Korean artists to exhibit their arts in a global market to improve their recognition
To reach
a broader audiences of Korean Art
To contribute
to the diversification of Art market in Europe